Direct News Endorsement Campaign

Direct News Endorsement Campaign

Taking advantage of the media in reaching your audience is one of the most effective strategies to make your book known. The effectiveness of news release relies on the distribution, consistency, and in making sure that your news recipients and audience are interested with your topic.

  • Professional news article creation
  • Targeted Media Outlets who are receptive to your topic
  • Narrowly distribute to reporters, trade publications and news outlets based upon your topic and their editorial focus.
  • Reach a reporter or news outlet that has an interest in your story.
  • Provides a recipient list to support follow-up.
  • Approved distribution channel.
  • Powered by opt-in reporter registration and leading media databases.

Whether you have a Children’s book, Poetry, Non-fiction, or Fiction material, we can get you and your book known to your target audience!

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Talk to a Publicist or a Publishing Agent to help you with your Publishing and Marketing Needs!

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