Book Teaser Production

Book Teaser Production

Delivering the message to your readers requires creativity to capture their interest. Visual presentations, such as book trailers are important because they help your audience understand and recall your message and increase audience interest.

Our Book Teasers are straight to the point, visualizing videos that captivate readers through its use of simplicity at its finest. This project is for authors who want their book to provide a visual glimpse into their masterpiece’s subject matter and highlights.

Book Teaser Production Packages Standard Dynamic Premium
Duration 40 seconds 80 seconds 2 minutes
Resolution 1080p HD Format 1080p HD Format 1080p HD Format
Professional Voice Over (Male/Female)
Commercial Usage  ✓  ✓
Royalty Free Visuals and Audio  ✓  ✓
Text Lines Up to 11 Up to 16 Up to 21
 Video Alteration 1 Round 2 Rounds 2 Rounds
Instagram Ready  ✓
 Stock Footage and Images  
Incorporation of 5 Premium Clips      ✓
YouTube Advertising      ✓

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