About Us

Maple Leaf Publishing Inc.

We, Maple Leaf Publishing Inc., comprise of dedicated individuals with the vision of helping Authors achieve their goals. Driven with passion, we guarantee to deliver our promise with excellence. Our expertise, honed for more than a decade, enables us to adapt with haste to the latest book publicity campaigns.

Our diverse staff's collective experiences have grown from working with traditional publishers and self-publishing companies. Our company has been founded with the vision of helping writers become notable authors.

With our innovative team, building author’s reputation in the publishing industry while maintaining longevity of market visibility becomes inevitable. We make certain that our Authors earn the recognition they deserve. Our commitment as a reputable book publishing firm compels us to excel in whatever marketing endeavor we partake.

Join Maple Leaf Publishing Inc. now and unravel the journey of your book’s success with us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect self-published authors to their target audience and publishers in Canada and around the world.

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Talk to a Publicist or a Publishing Agent to help you with your Publishing and Marketing Needs!

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